Below are two artworks that I’ll be showing at Art Heist.

Numbered prints (printed on photographic paper, mounted on Gataboard) are available for purchase at the following prices:

  • $750 for 48″x24″
  • $250 for 24″x12″

To purchase a print, please get in touch. 

The Path: A visual representation of the Open Tree of Life

The Path: A visual representation of the Open Tree of Life. Click for a larger version.

The Path

The Path is a visualisation of the draft publication of Open Tree of Life (, a database of 2.3 million species and their genetic origins published in September 2015.

The path, shadows and trees are all part of the data representation. Each tree and branch represents a grouping of species, each leaf represents one or more species, and the symbols on the trees represent the types of organisms there. Within this image lies all organisms that science has managed to place on the Tree of Life, from bugs to bacteria, from algae to humanity.

Things I learnt about Life on Earth while making “The Path” (Part 1)

The Neighbourhood

The Neighbourhood: A visual representation of stars visible with the naked eye. Click for a larger version.

The Neighbourhood

The Neighbourhood re-imagines all 8912 stars visible from Earth with the naked eye as a city. Each building’s height and brightness is based on the star’s brightness, their colour is based on the star’s colour, and the reflections in the water are the star’s emission spectra.

Buildings are arranged based on their distance from the galactic plane (in the middle). In the centre of the image, small and dim, lies our sun.



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